Posted by: Julie Scheving | April 23, 2014


Time goes by so fast. Things change so quickly.

Expressions that my mom used make sense. Who knew that day would come?

This “time” of my life has mostly been a time of celebration. April 16th was my 5 year stroke anniversary. 5 YEARS!! There was a time it felt like things moved soooo slowly. Or was that me that was moving at a snails pace? Either way, things change and so do I.

I’m not really sure when I decided to turn April 16th into a day of celebration and a day of thanks. I do know I have much and many to be thankful for. I was standing with 4 people who were no less than God’s provision to me. God brought Jenny, Barb, Jason, and Glenn into my life to encourage me and get me back up! I was looking at a picture that was taken at Mary Free Bed just the other day. The women (Jenny and Barb) were so much shorter than me. Why had that never occurred to me before? I was in a wheelchair when I was with them during the days in MFB Rehab. Now I was standing by them. And they helped make it possible!

Jason (occupational therapist) moved me when I was there. My brain was so scrambled and yet I remember him being so hopeful, even as tests results came back slamming the door on some hoped for future things. Jason was compassionate!

Jenny (recreation therapist) stands out the most in my memory as pushing me the hardest. I THANK GOD for her pushes that were MUCH needed and were at the very core of getting me going. Jenny was motivational!

Barb (speech therapist) was the one with the revealing news. The damage that was done in this area didn’t “show”…it was heard. Words, sentences, thoughts…communication was marred greatly. And yet I remember her smile encouraging me gently to find new ways to communicate. This was NOT what I wanted to hear…but it was necessary. Barb was gentle reality.

Glenn (physical therapist assistant) made me laugh then and makes me laugh now! He had the exact personality that was needed to get me up and moving! Nick was my physical therapist in the mornings and got me up, standing, and walking. Glenn pushed me into reality. All of life isn’t a paved sidewalk. Sometimes, I’d have to get off the security of the pavement. I told him I wouldn’t. He told me I would. Within days of leaving MFB I found myself walking on uneven ground and thanking God for using Glenn to push me beyond the minimum requirements. Glenn was smiling, and pushing, and sarcastic!

The whole day was spent rejoicing with friends. And now my list of friends includes therapists, doctors, and nurses. I am so incredibly thankful for each person in my life! God knew what and who I needed to keep me going. I am thankful!!!

The day ended with a celebration with my dear friends at church. They have been there with me each step of the way and it seemed perfect to end it with them!

And now, here I am. Long past the anniversary date and back to reality. I thank God for the people at Mary Free Bed Rehab that restored the hope to me that I couldn’t see and thought was gone forever. I thank God for my friends who have walked through this journey with me. And I couldn’t say anything about this part of the journey without thanking God for my dear family! It hasn’t been easy for them and yet they have remained kind and loving.

I am blessed beyond measure. I know that every single day, but in this season, it has been especially sweet!

I am thankful!




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