Posted by: Julie Scheving | April 9, 2014

Never give up. Never quit!

My season of celebration has officially started! Yesterday included an interview with a reporter asking about my journey over the last five years. You know, since strokes entered my life. Then, the pre-celebration moved to the Traumatic Brain Injury group last night. I actually even took a cake and that made the celebration official…there was CAKE!

April 16, 2009, was the day my life was forever changed. (The most serious of the three strokes I’ve had.)

My plans for the day include celebrating ALL day with people who have been a part of my journey, and many are on their own. My main emphasis will be how thankful I am that God provided them in my life to help get me through and headed in the right direction. And solidified what I never even knew was in me. Never give up. NEVER QUIT!

Actually, this blog even came to my mind yesterday. I have been regular and faithful at times. Given up at times, Been sporadic at times.

But my heart’s desire in blogging and ALL things God leads me to: Never give up! Never quit!

And it’s not just a stroke “thing”. It’s a human “thing”. Zeal gets us started…and any number of things can get us distracted or off course. Just a few questions we can ask ourselves when we get off course…

Why did I do “it” in the first place? (“It” can be physical exercise, blogging, or some other goal that we are led to do.)
Has “that” changed?
Re-evaluate why you started. (“This” can change, but still the activity have value. Just new value!)
Re-evaluate why you stopped. (Schedule, motivation, being distracted, and the list can go on!)

Anyway, I’ve done these steps. And I’ve done this each time I’ve gotten off course.

Guess what? I’ve ended up the same place I started! So today, I say again “for the third or fourth time”…

Never give up pressing on! Never quit!!!


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