Posted by: Julie Scheving | March 27, 2014

I Want To Be A JOY Dispenser!

The first thing for me to do is clarify. NO! I don’t want to be a pez dispenser! You know the kind, dispensing little candies. Oh no! I want to dispense something seen far less often and far more valuable!

Yes! I want to dispense joy wherever I go! What I realized is, joy is not my natural default mode. While I wish it was, it isn’t. That kind of thing has taken much practice. And even then, at times I fail.

You have no idea how thrilled I was to discover I can’t want it enough to make it happen. It’s something God has to do in and through me. And even then, I can (and do) snatch it back from Him far too often.

I think for me at the very heart of it, is that I want to be like David (in the Bible). I want to be a woman “after God’s own heart”.

Many years ago, I asked God to show me each time someone hurt me or made me angry to give me an example of how I do the same thing to others. Do you know that after probably 20+ years, God has never said to me, “Gosh, Julie. You’ve never done that to anyone!”   

Ouch!!! Well THAT was harsh, God! 

And yet, I am thankful. It steers me away as quickly as judgmental rears it’s ugly head. Can I get it back? Absolutely! And quickly too. But man, I don’t want that!

So when I’m sensing I’m heading in a less than positive direction, I ask God to quickly fill my heart with joy! You know the kind! “Joy unspeakable and full of glory!” That’s even a song that helps point me in the right direction! I am not ashamed that things like the Bible, songs, and friends are often used to fix my dispenser! And I say thank you to those resources God makes available to me!

And now…I think it’s time! I’m going to get off this chair and go dispense some joy!!! What about you? Will you join me? It only takes one step, one decision at a time! Let’s do it! Let’s radiate God’s joy all over the place!



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