Posted by: Julie Scheving | March 19, 2014

How did *this* happen?

Once again, I find myself striving for more. Not more of me. More of Him. John 3:30 says “He must increase. BUT I must decrease.”

I fall so very short, so many times. And yet, I keep trying. To me, that’s a victory in and of itself.

It’s been two years, I think, since I’ve blogged. What better time to change and re-commit than today!

Ah, today! God has been revealing to me the value of that…you know, today! When I fail, there are basically two things I can do with it. Stay in the lap of lethargy and stay just that. Failed. OR I can learn from it. Why did I fail? And the best part of all is that I can turn that failure into victory. Well, I can’t, but God can!

Looking forward to trying this one more valuable time. You know. THIS time!

May I NEVER give up…NEVER quit…by His grace!


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