Posted by: Julie Scheving | September 17, 2012

A day for praise…

Perhaps this thought isn’t so interesting to you, but it sure resonates with me. It’s easy to thank God when things work out our way. You know, when someone is physically healed, or someone gets a financial windfall, or a wayward child comes “home.” But we just don’t hear the same cheers of “God is good” when the battle rages, the illness progresses, or the child moves even farther away.

This brought a reminder (and conviction) to me today. The reminder that we don’t (or rather shouldn’t) praise God for what He does. We praise Him for who He is.

Today I had a rogue thought: What can’t we be doing if we’re praising God? The list is long and filled with things that are not helpful or productive. No whining. No grumbling. No back-biting. No self-pity….and the list goes on.

In other words, if we’re doing what we should do, we can’t be doing what we shouldn’t. I’m going to try that and keep trying that until I hopefully lock myself in to a pattern of praise!  Then I can move on to other areas of prayer and maintain proper focus.

Well, this one was sure for me…well, ending up for Him, for His glory!

Hope and pray you have a great week! You are loved!!!

Just Julie


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