Posted by: Julie Scheving | August 13, 2012

Now what?

Interesting changes have happened in my life the last 4 years. I have begun to ask questions daily that I don’t think (or at least remember thinking, post-stroke) came into my thoughts before.

Some of these questions are physical and health related. What are my housing needs, again, based on my limitations? Is today a cane day or a walker day or a walk just on my own two feet day? Will I ever again be able to work? Where will I live (city AND state)? How do I learn to live with stroke damage that will not change (unless God chooses to do something amazing, which I never doubt that He can and would if it was best for all).

Some are a little more challenging for me. I’m now divorced and on my own. Two grown children and one about to get married and will live who knows where? What do I believe the divorce means for me? How do I deal with life as a single woman after 22 years as a married one? What do I believe about what it means biblically to be divorced and what’s next? How do I live alone with limitations (again) in conjunction with the stroke damage done?

So as I’m guessing you’ve gathered, I’ve been thinking light thoughts. (Kidding, of course.)

Well, while I’ve dealt with these questions, I sure don’t have answers to many and some of the answers change daily, depending on where I “am” mentally. What I *do* know and don’t doubt at ALL is that my heavenly father has it ALL covered! And yes, He has ME covered! And for this reason, I can sleep at night, I can rest in Him moment by moment, and I can continue to know Him more and more each day!

Do I know what “it” will look like? Heck NO! But do I trust Him? Completely!!!

Hope and pray you are able to know that same peace in the midst of what you are facing! You are loved!

Just Julie!!!


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