Posted by: Julie Scheving | August 6, 2012

The “but” devotion…

Depending on how close you are to me you may smile when you see this. It is a thing I refer to often, but try to be sensitive.

There has been something that has become so clear and so obvious to me in my faith walk the last few years…and it’s the little word “but.”

How many times do we know what God’s word says…BUT choose our own way?

“I know God’s word says (and then quote numerous scripture) BUT I want (fill in your own blank).

As we were talking about this tonight, we realized things we desire may not be bad things in and of themselves BUT they are not God’s plan for us.

Sometimes we are even so bold as to want things that are contrary to scripture…BUT we don’t really care. Because we REALLY want (again, you fill in the blank).

God’s word includes the “buts” that got people in trouble. They were given clear direction from God what to do BUT did something else/contrary. Ahhh me. Guess things will never change.

Sometimes we don’t think it through about what God wants. Does that excuse us? No, BUT it is different from turning our nose up…BUT still sin.

There’s only one good “but” to be found in scripture…well, not only one time, but one case. When His word says “BUT GOD…”

Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrated (proved) His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

There are other “but God” things in the Bible. You see, my friend, I think I finally have it! I don’t get to justify my will with my “buts”.

ONLY GOD! I desire my life to be a “BUT GOD” zone. More of Him, less of me. Whatever it takes! His word is consistent and encourages us all to the truth…HIS truth!

Have a great and wonderful night…know that you are loved! No “buts” without Him!

Just Julie




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